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Monterosso wins $10 million World CupYahoo News

Southern Arkansas University recovers four of five stolen horsesThe Horse

Acute aortic rupture blamed for Hickstead's deathThe Horse

ASPCA's Chief Equine Vet corrects "misleading statements" in carriage horse's deathCBS News New York

Horses for Heroes program helps veterans through equine-assisted

Texas drought: Horses desparate for hayKDAF News

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US horse slaughter industry restored

The US horse slaughter industry was restored in a bill signed by President Obama the day before Thanksgiving, lifting a ban in place since 2006. The ban shifted export of more horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. A new bill to ban horse slaughter and export of horses for slaughter has been introduced in Congress and is being lobbied by the Human Society. Read more

Road to the Horse goes international

Competing in the 2012 Road to the Horse will be teams from Australia, Canada, and the US. Craig Cameron and Pat Parelli will be competing for the US in the event to be held in March. The world championship of colt starting, held in Murfreesboro, TN, showcases the abilities of well-known horse clinicians. Craig Cameron was the 2010 winner of The Road to the Horse. Tickets are on sale now for the event, which will be held March 9-11. Read more

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Australian team wins 2012 Road to the Horse

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Treating fear through target training

Dr. Emily Weiss, ASPCA Senior Director of Shelter Behavior Programs, offers advice to a horse owner experiencing a behavior change in a horse she is training to jump. She describes two behavior tools: teaching your horse to touch his nose to a target item and training your horse to associate an audible queue with a desired behavior. Read more

Parelli on problems and progress

Linda Parelli blogs about solving problems and making progress in her personal blog. She writes: "You get into trouble when you try to accomplish a task but your horse is having emotional trouble. And when the horse is ready and willing you can miss the opportunity to make progress." Linda emphasizes that you must take the time to address a problem the moment it occurs, or you lose trust and respect. Read more

Rider fitness improves riding

A fit, well-conditioned rider is more likely to be a better rider. This article on rider fitness describes how weight training can "transform you into a strong, flexible, more effective rider in just minutes a week." Read more

Julie Goodnight teaches the Head Down Cue
Julie Goodnight teaches the Head Down Cue

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