Does a horse have the concept of a person?
A recent study of equine behavior asserts that horses expect certain behaviors from a human based on prior interaction with the person. The researchers found that horses behaved differently when interacting with a known person versus an unknnown person. The study concluded that "clear differences occurred in the level of obedience and its dependency upon the attentional state of the experimenter according to whether she/he was familiar/unfamiliar."
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Understanding horse body language
Observing and understanding equine body language is essential to communication with horses. Horses use the position and movement of various body parts, including the head, neck, and tail to communicate with other horses and their human handlers. Interpreting their body language impacts your safety, as well as success with your horse.
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Equine Memory Study
Horse behaviorist Evelyn Hanggi, founder of the Equine Research Foundation in California, shares insights about horse memory in her article "Perfect Recall". She discusses her studies of short-term and long-term equine memory. Her research proves that horses recall things they have learned for weeks, month, and even years.
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